Where did Gloria – Earth’s twin?

There is a theory, inherited from Pythagoras, that
The sun hides the twin Earth – Counter-Earth, or Gloria. Moving
in their orbits parallel to each other, the twin planets are separated
The sun, and therefore we, for example, cannot see Gloria, as
its inhabitants, if any, are us.

NASA officially denied the existence of Protypozemli, sending in
2006, two STEREO satellites that circled the sun in space
searching for Gloria. Having monitored the area behind our luminaires
discovered there are even traces of the twin Earth, except for comets, yes
and then small. Therefore, it is logically possible to put in this
question point – there is no Gloria.

An, no, some independent researchers disagree.
statement. The fact is that Pythagoras and his students are too
Evidently described the existence of this twin of the Earth, however
where did this twin disappear in two and a half millennia?

There are several theories on this. Some astronomers
claim that Gloria during this time could easily go out of orbit and
go traveling in a large space. Others believe
that Counter-Earth, observed by Pythagoras, is nothing else
one planet-nanagrah, along with Rahu and Ketu – mysterious objects
of our solar system, which exist on a more subtle plane,
than the planets we see. For this reason, the STEREO satellites and
could find Gloria, but this is not proof of her absence
in our solar system.

It is possible that the twin Earth is used by aliens
for an invisible presence near us, but it is also possible that
some aliens we encounter are actually
just the inhabitants of Gloria, where civilization has reached a higher
level of development, which allows them to move between worlds. well and
why no one comes in contact with us is another topic to
Unfortunately, not very pleasant for us, but, it seems, by all of us

In general, there is a lot of fog about Gloria. Skeptics, of course,
exclaim Gorky’s famous words – was there a boy?
Enthusiasts appeal to another saying – smoke without fire is not
it happens…

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