Where only do not notice the UFO: over the cities, inspace near the sun …

The more terrestrial technologies develop that allow us
see, shoot and study what yesterday seemed fiction,
more and more, UFOs, not only in the sky of Earth,
but also in space, on the moon, max, venus and so on, even on the sun
(or near it, to be more precise).

Large UFO flotilla near the Sun

Recently, ufologists noticed on the photographs made by the device
US Space Agency SOHO, watching our
A star, many unidentified space objects that
lined up in a congruent gigantic flotilla, almost a length
400 thousand kilometers.

And the ships in this flotilla of various shapes and sizes,
why some space researchers have made the assumption that
space objects located at different points near the Sun can
just be meteorites. However, they disagree ufologists who
pay attention to too correct vector movement of all
of these objects, complex build configurations that can serve
irrefutable proof that these are alien devices and not
space junk.

However, watch the video yourself and draw your own conclusions.

In Primorsky Krai there is an anomalous triangle that serves
for the UFO “mole hole”

And if the UFO flotilla near the Sun is not so simple, then
recorded “flying saucers” in the sky above the Far Eastern
Dalnegorsk city is an indisputable fact. According to the military
Air defense of the Far Eastern Military District, which keep the sky under
by constant monitoring, UFOs appear periodically here.

Moreover, they are not only fixed on their radars by military personnel
but the residents of this city see firsthand, and so often that
no longer pay attention to these UFOs. As ufologists say, in
The Dalnegorsk region is an anomalous triangle, which
may well be a portal to another world that is used

For example, the other day the military here again discovered an unidentified
the object hovering over the runway of the airfield, as if
studying the secret zone of a military unit. And when the UFO became
emit mysterious rays, the whole unit was raised by
anxiety, especially in the field of view of the military has fallen and
some kind of strange creature. But as in previous meetings with
Unidentified objects of this zone, everything ended with “zilch”: and UFOs,
and the alleged humanoid suddenly disappeared without a trace, as if
dissolved in the air.

Scientists say that Dalnegorsk is on a tectonic fault,
therefore, all kinds of anomalies take place here. However, such
faults, emphasize ufologists, precisely the aliens choose
as they allow them to move easily between worlds.

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