Where to find a UFO. Where do ufo live?

Many people are interested in the question: where to find a UFO? Their appearance
observed on earth or in its atmosphere, the stratosphere, under water, in
space, and even there is evidence of a UFO sighting within the moon.
On earth, they were observed almost everywhere: in the Arctic, covered
almost completely large layer of ice on radar screens and
sonars, but most often in sparsely populated areas.

But most witnesses say that they like unusual
places, either with increased radiation, or with a strong energy.
Established the main places where they appeared most often is
Perm region, Vilyui coppers in Yakutia, Zhiguli mountains in
Samara region, especially after the construction of hydroelectric power plants. In Volgograd
the area is so famous Medveditskaya ridge, this place
love scientific expeditions. But most often UFOs attract places
where there is water, a lake or a sea, such as Plescheevo Lake, near

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