Whether a bird, or a beast: the Internet amusedunusual optical illusion

American journalist Robert Maguire posted on the social network
�“Twitter” is a rather unusual shot that he received a couple of days ago.
in your own home. At first glance, it seems that submitted
the frame depicts a raven, but this is by no means the case.
Photography is a fun optical illusion.

The fact is that the American captured his smartphone’s camera
a cat who was sitting in the kitchen and tilted his head as he approached
the host. Maguire did not even suspect that in such a pose and with such
the angle of his black pet suddenly becomes clearly similar to
feathered. The beak of the ephemeral bird, as you can guess yourself,
ear ear became, and his right eye turned into a crow’s eye.
The other eye of the mustache is not very noticeable due to insufficient

By the way, we have a beautiful example of paradolic illusion –
common visual phenomenon, which we often
mention on our resource. The human brain with a quick look at
This picture recognizes in it at first not a cat in an unusual pose, but
more familiar image of a black crow in profile. Then we
we realize that the brain deceitfully deceived us.

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