White ghostly figure walking aroundat home, hit the lens of a surveillance camera

A Philadelphia resident who wishes to remain anonymous
shared a mystical story with users of the World Wide Web,
backed by mysterious video. According to the girl,
a few days ago her dog started barking in the middle of the night
the front door, as if someone was behind it.

The American looked out of the window, but did not find on the street
nothing suspicious. However, the next morning our
for the sake of curiosity, the heroine decided to look at yesterday’s video,
received by a surveillance camera outside her house. That girl
I saw on the screen of my tablet, surprised her to the depths of the soul.

The following video dismantles the mysterious white figure,
having vague human outlines. Supposed ghost
sails past the porch of an American, slides over the path to the house,
then, without changing its trajectory, it flies somewhere through the bushes.
The phantom at the same time fluctuates, as if it is unstable in our
the world, and at some point it seems to even teleport to
a couple of steps to the side.

Philadelphia is convinced that the most
a real comer from the subtle world. A girl prays to this
the visit was not repeated and, most importantly, that the ominous ghost suddenly
did not go inside her home.

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