�“White Man’s Nora” – Underground CityCoober Pedy

They say that there are too many mysterious things on Earth,
inexplicable, fantastic and even mystical. but
some even quite understandable things and phenomena cause us
sometimes no less surprising, as well as not a fake interest, because
they do not fit the generally accepted norms and look too unusual
– almost fabulous.

These fabulous places include the mysterious town
Австралии — Coober Pedy, что переводится с местного диалекта, как
�”Nora white man.” Of course, this is not quite a hole, but
really a whole underground town, although the name itself is familiar
the case did not appear today and at that time it reflected this settlement
quite accurate.

Городок Coober Pedy называют еще мировой столицей опалов,
since at the beginning of the last century the richest
deposit of this precious “mystical” stone (by the way, with
Sanskrit “upala” is exactly translated as “gem” or
�”Precious stone”). And of course, hundreds poured into this place.
people who soon realized that in this hot area is better
live underground. So in 1915 the “White Nora
human. “

Underground life allowed the miners to keep a constant
comfortable indoor temperature – about 22 degrees Celsius,
although outside the heat can rise above 40 degrees here,
however, as well as falling sharply at night to 15 degrees and even lower than this
marks. Сегодня в подземных квартирах жителей Coober Pedy есть все
convenience, except for the windows, of course, but this does not bother the miners.

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