Whitish ghost photographed nearabandoned house

A resident of the American city of Mesa in Arizona tells,
that went recently with his buddies at night in search
adventures to an abandoned house. There, our hero took a picture
two friends in an empty pool. When young people saw
subsequently received the photo, then suddenly noticed on it
something strange and frightening. In the upper right corner appeared whitish
human silhouette, standing on the edge of the pool and clearly watching
for teenagers.

The author of the picture does not know what it was, however, he and his comrades
suggest that faced that night with a real ghost. Thats
whether the phantom was not visible to the naked eye, and it succeeded
fix only the camera, or those present simply do not
noticed a pale figure towering a stone’s throw away from them.
Some users of the World Wide Web, by the way, noted that
a friend of the photographer, dressed in dark clothes with a hood, too
imprinted somehow ominously on the frame. His image is like
no face, and you might think that there is a dressed mannequin.

Some skeptical commentators suggest that
it was a pillar, a flash of light in the lens of a camera or a bright spot
on the wall of the house. Other netizens believe that speech is still
surely it is about something supernatural. It is noteworthy that
A few years ago, a family in Mesa tried to sell a house,
which various devilry happened, but never smog
find buyers despite the very low cost
real estate. As a result, the Americans just left their homes and
went to another state. Maybe it was the one who was overrun
unclean house? The fact is that teenagers didn’t even clarify what
they visited the abandoned building, for what reason they were carried there.
Surely, not just …

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