Who actually owns the earth on the moon orMars?

Probably, many of you have heard how enterprising businessmen are already
selling land on the moon and mars (see video). I think
you can even sell land on Mercury and Venus, however
It seems strange, wishing to buy such a plot will certainly
there will be.

In fact, according to the International Treaty of 1967
year, which was signed by all the leading countries of the world, any extraterrestrial
the territory belongs to all mankind, and therefore not one
state, no private entrepreneur has the right to own
her as sovereign.

True, lawyers say that in the case of the colonization of Mars, this
The contract will certainly be appealed and amended, and just that
the country that first reaches the Red Planet. Maybe for this
The reason today is so much attention to Mars from
all world space agencies and private space

By the way, despite the sale of land on the moon, on this
the satellite for some reason, space agencies are not torn, as to Mars.
Maybe the Red Planet is more promising for colonization? Completely
It is possible, however, it is necessary to take into account the fact that we know about the Moon
far more than about the distant red planet. And therefore, most likely,
just harbor some illusions about Mars.

As the ufologists say, we were simply asked to leave the moon, because
she’s busy. I wonder why we believe that Mars is not busy?
And it can be not only aliens, as we guess,
but also the indigenous people of this planet.

Isn’t it funny: Earthlings have long since divided the skin
an unkilled bear, even adopting “reasonable” laws on such
sharing, from which it follows, for example, that Mars belongs to everyone, and
means to no one. And at this time the Martians …

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