Who, how and on what basis were createdpeople

Итальянские ученые пришли к выводу: people на нашей планете, как,
however, the whole structure of terrestrial biological life is made on
the basis of the known and widely used in the manufacture of monitors
technology, that is, liquid crystal.

Independent researchers in Italy claim that they studied
RNA structure, using the most modern devices and the latest
technology, which allowed them to discover the unusual structure of proteins,
obviously made artificially – from liquid crystals. Who and for what
created biological life on earth in this way, you can only
guess, however, by itself, suggests the most simple
speculation – it was done by aliens, or gods (this is someone as
it is more convenient to consider our first parents).

The structure of RNA molecules based on liquid crystals is considered
scientists suggests unlimited possibilities such
�“Biological life” – it’s enough to remember everything about it
more astounding technological developments concerning
modern gadgets. Therefore, the concept of genetic structure
any species on the planet, including humans, as well as
metabolic processes occurring in the organisms of all living
on Earth, according to Italian scientists, should be revised.

By the way, they notice, for this reason we underestimate
the possibilities of the human brain, only wondering amorphous
most of it, which is still not used
by man.

Fantastic version of the Italian researchers about extraterrestrial
the origin of biological life on our planet the learned world
perceived cautiously. This is understandable, orthodox science is not yet
recognizes even the existence of extraterrestrial life, not like that
�”Artificial matrix”, created by someone unknown on our planet.
You can be skeptical of this information, even for
the simple reason that it does not fit into the well-established
perception of our world and the role of man in it, assimilated by each
of us since childhood. But … time, as practice shows, most often
breaks old stereotypes, including the origin of everything
existence, that is, the universe, the mind and so on …

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