Who “infected” Russia with encephalitisticks?

�”Season of ticks” is the name of the warm season in many
regions of Russia. �”Classified listings” found out where in our
country could appear carriers of deadly diseases.

This year, Russian scientists discovered a new species.
tick-borne encephalitis. The virus affects the body by penetrating
straight to the human brain. Experts continue to study the disease.
It is already known that this type of virus combines several
strains of encephalitis, including mortal – Siberian.

But where do insects come from in Russia that spread
such a terrible disease? According to one version, deadly
encephalitis mite – the creation of human hands.

�”In the 30s, the Japanese created Detachment 731, which was engaged
directly biological weapons, – said Igor Nikulin,
Expert of the Supreme Environmental Council of the Committee on Ecology and
environmental management. – They experimented with ixoid mites –
and made them carriers of encephalitis. Created this very
encephalitis tick. With the help of which they managed already in the 30s
infect large areas of the Soviet Far East. “

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