Why did NASA schedule the exercises for October 12th?

Do not have time staff space agencies and observatories
breathe a sigh of relief as you glance past the Earth
a huge asteroid “Florence”, as on the horizon loomed another
danger: even more formidable is approaching our planet
space object – asteroid 2012 TC4.

NASA has already estimated its size, mass and potential danger.
for the Earth:

This asteroid is somewhat smaller than Florence, however
consists of a denser rock that is stronger than granite, in that
however, it is very refractory, that is, it does not especially burn in the atmosphere.
2012 TC4 is a thousand times heavier than the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which, even
lounging in the air (one of the versions was shot down
aliens), has done a lot of trouble and hassle in South Ural
the capital. And what will happen if such a hulk falls to Earth? The
more so that a given asteroid flies at a much greater speed,
than Chelyabinsk, and the probability of its collision with our planet –
1/600 In the case of a worse outcome, such a space “pebble” can
pierce the planetary crust and cause a certain disturbance in the magma
planets that would entail total volcanic eruptions on
Earth and numerous, never seen before

The staff of the American Aerospace Agency also
clarified that the closest approach of 2012 TC4 to the Earth will occur
October 12, moreover, at the moment when the asteroid passing by will be
turned American continent. Maybe for this reason NASA
charted doomsday teachings and testing her system
�”Planetary defense”, too, on October 12 of this year? In idle time
coincidence something is not really believed. At least in the American
blogosphere this is discussed with permanent
comments assumptions that NASA employees know about 2012 TC4
much more than their scant official reports contain …

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