Why do seafly ducks fall from the sky …

In recent days, paranormal news sites,
filled with messages from Karelia, where the inhabitants of the village Coniferous
(Belomorsky District) witnessed a strange phenomenon – late
last Friday evening migratory birds suddenly began to cry
circling over the village and … fall to the ground.

In the morning, people found ten to fifteen in their courtyards.
sea-ducks, for an unknown reason, fallen from the sky dead. Clearly
the anomalous phenomenon interested not only the residents of the village,
but also scientists, hunters of Karelia, who have never encountered
with something like that.

Here is what the doctor of biological sciences says about this
Ornithologist A.Artemyev:

Migratory birds could not die so massively from infection,
some kind of disease, radiation and so on. In such cases
units perish, and when all of a sudden from the sky suddenly falls
a flock, then you can only talk about some kind of obstacle to which
Migratory birds have struck, for example, on high-voltage wires in
fog, hence the screams, and mass death …

However, hunter L.Shishin does not agree with the conclusion of the scientist, as
practices, he considers the following:

The residents couldn’t think of anything, I believe them, although I personally don’t
He was present neither at death, nor at finding the already dead birds.
I can only say that according to the description they were sea-ducks. Now
go to the village to find out why it makes no sense – look in
clear sky unless. But something similar has already happened in the world
as I recall, in 2010 migratory birds also fell
some Western European countries in the United States.
It is noteworthy that scientists, even with world names, could not
find the cause of mass death of birds, I think, we will not find it and we
here in Karelia – the mystery of nature, and only. Maybe some
environmental disaster perhaps something in general from the area
fiction …

Recall that the American ecologist Greg Butcher expressed the opinion
that migratory birds are an excellent indicator of the condition
environment, and therefore their mass destruction is an indicator
problems in ecology, when in nature there are dangerous
changes. And the matter can be both people and their rash
activities, and completely different reasons that we, of all
rather, we will never know …

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