Why do some people carry nokarmic responsibility

Today, it’s probably difficult to find a person who wouldn’t hear
What is reincarnation, karma and hedgehog with them. However, opponents of this
theories are usually very convincingly set very tricky
question: why in this case the most inveterate villains in the world do not carry
никакой karmic responsibility?

You can, of course, assume that karma is rewarded only in
next life, but today spiritual people talk a lot about
that any processes occurring on Earth are currently
incredibly accelerated, and for this reason karma in most
cases of overtaking a person even in this life. And there is plenty
examples, on the Internet you can find dozens of video collections, where
something quite similar is demonstrated, and
videos are called so – instant karma.

Karma is not for everyone?

However, the main villains of our planet for some reason
parasitize millions of their fellow citizens, arrange revolutions and
wars, shamelessly robbing people, killing innocents, including
children – and nothing, none of these nonhumans carries any
karmic responsibility. They live happily ever after and still plan
(the same Illuminati or members of the world elite) destroy the lion’s share
humanity to overbearing “little people” (created,
By the way, by God and in his likeness, according to all world religions)
interfered with them on Earth, did not undermine their unlimited domination.

There is an opinion that such people will still be responsible
(sooner or later), but because of the underdevelopment of the soul, these personalities
very dark, which is why they are immediately taken under their protection
all kinds of destructive elements of earthly existence: dark forces,
egregors of evil, pendulums and so on. Evil itself needs this world
to perfect the human soul, and this is evil someone
should do what you think? ..

But not everything and not always so unequivocally: a violation of karma – and
then there will certainly be a reward for the deed (for sins), in this
or the next life. Some karmic problems and tragedies,
spiritual people say, given to a person not as a punishment, but as
lesson to move to a higher (next) level. Stood –
got up, couldn’t stand it – wait for a new lesson, and he will probably be given
only in the next incarnation.

There is also an opinion that souls choose for themselves.
earth tests. To be a great villain in this life is
agree, an unbearably heavy sacrifice for an already enlightened soul.
For this reason, it is possible, embodied through this great
man makes the soul from our earthly point of view unimaginable by
their cruelty and meanness deeds and at the same time for some reason does not carry
никакой karmic responsibility.

We do not claim the truth of the assumptions expressed in this
article, thoughts of karma and retribution, but all these theories, like many
others are being discussed on the Internet (see one of the versions
karmic impunity in the video below) – and do not pay for them
no attention, just not working, especially since the question
The title of our article torments oh how many.

Some versions of karma seem even blasphemous,
some are ridiculous, but in general no one really knows where
true, and where is the lie. And is it possible to find out in our society, where
human life itself is a great mystery, an illusion, being in
matrix, and not necessarily computer. Divine matrix
nobody has scientifically refuted either …

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