Why every May 11, the inhabitants of Rome fear fortheir lives

Every year with the onset of May many inhabitants of the Italian
capitals, especially those who are alien to the materialistic worldview,
covers anxiety or even panic. Some residents and guests of Rome
leave the city in order to spend May 11 away from this dangerous
places. This date is considered theoretically fatal for the City on seven
the hills.

And the thing is in the ominous prophecy of the Italian watchmaker,
earthquake researcher and future predictor Raphael
Bendandi (1893-1979). The specialist predicted that May 11 will happen
an earthquake of unprecedented scale that will not leave a stone from Rome
on the stone, but the trouble is, the prophet did not name the exact year of the coming
cataclysm. Since then, the Romans annually fear that
May Day their city faces a real disaster.

Bendandi was a self-taught seismologist who developed his own
theory – seismogenic. The scientist believed that the true reasons
Earthquakes should not be sought on Earth, but beyond. By
According to Raphael, other celestial influences on the Earth’s crust.
bodies of the solar system, which generate here undesirable for
people, but quite natural on a cosmic scale fluctuations.
Despite the fact that the international scientific community did not recognize
this bold hypothesis, all the predictions of the Italian turned out to be
surprise accurate, even strikingly infallible.

So, Bendandi successfully predicted a powerful earthquake,
what happened on January 13, 1915 in the commune of Avezzano, as a result
whom it turned out 32600 affected. Researcher predicted
the earthquake of 1923 in Senigallia, as well as intense shocks
1976 in Friuli. The listed catastrophes claimed the lives of thousands.
people and all these victims could have been avoided if the authorities
Italy listened to at the time “crazy” seismologist. Alas, any
the expert’s warnings were ignored because
nobody believed the theory …

But the most famous forecast of Raphael concerns, of course, precisely
May 11 of an unknown year. With the approach of this day by Roman television
and radio channels begin to broadcast calls for calm, though
they help far from everyone, rather the opposite – they generate
additional panic. Many residents of the capital prefer not
go to work that day and do not allow their children to attend classes.
Well, the most prudent, as we have said, simply leave

Or maybe Rafael Bendandi just made fun of his
fellow citizens? For example, in retaliation for the fact that the authorities
and the most prominent scientists of Italy, who, of course, lived and
still live in Rome, not only did not recognize his theory
seismogenic, but also laughed at the self-taught researcher.
Now let them laugh at themselves and their fears …

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