Why Hollywood stars urgently leaveLos Angeles?

Last weekend dozens of the brightest Hollywood stars
left los angeles. Among them are DiCaprio, George Clooney, Chelsea
Handler, Justin Timberlake, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Kim
Kardashian, Jay-3, Cher and many others, including the famous
producers. It was all like the flight of a cinema bohemia …

Moreover, the stars tried to not communicate with journalists or
got rid of them with some insignificant reasons for their
departure. However, concern and haste at the same time betrayed almost
all who practically escaped … from the upcoming mega earthquake.

Well-known world-famous natural science researcher –
California seismologist Lucy Jones claims California
today actually stands on the eve of the “mother of all earthquakes”,
what was the forerunner of Mexican tremors at 7.1 points on the scale
Richter. According to her, we can talk about an earthquake
maximum force that allocate 90 times more destructive
energy than a similar earthquake that occurred in northridge in 1994

But the revelation by phone of one of the famous actors
(asked fans not to be named) who left the state yet
on the eve of:

America’s political elite are well aware of
the upcoming mega earthquake in California warned the stars
Hollywood about it, but said nothing to ordinary citizens. We all
We are born equal, as we are inspired from childhood, but for all of all
lacks. And if now tell the truth about the upcoming tragedy
everybody – in California, a panic will just start, which is useless
good will not. And yet, Californians, get ready for
the worst …

All this information is collected from social networks where Hollywood fans
they share the “secret information” they have obtained. However there is one more
a strange fact, which, however, confirms what is being discussed
today in the American media (and not only in the US).
California Emergency Management has requested from
state reserves reinforced and urgent (within two to three days)
supplies of food, drinking water, medicines and other

It seems that not only Hollywood today is in a panic …

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