Why in no case be brought fromtravel beautiful stones

This instructive story happened at the end of the last century in
Italy. The powerful clairvoyant turned large
an entrepreneur named Vincenzo Grassi who begged
psychic save his family from the burden over him
curses. The businessman assured the medium that only recently Grassi
lived peacefully and happily, however at a certain moment everything was unexpected
changed, and troubles fell on the family as if from a cornucopia.

The man’s daughter fell off her bike and hurt her back, thanks
which turned out to be confined to a wheelchair. His son got involved with
some destructive sect and, having robbed the parents, ran away from home.
And the spouse Vincenzo, always distinguished by his slenderness and observing
diet, suddenly began to recover rapidly and weighed under 300
kilograms. The very head of the family began to experience enormous
difficulties with his company and risked about to go broke,
completely deprived of their business.

Curse of the Grassi family, brought back from vacation

Grassi assumed that damage was caused to him and his relatives
neighbors, envy family welfare. Clairvoyant decided not to
Hurry up with conclusions and first wanted to visit the home
Grassi family. Crossing the threshold of a huge mansion, she came to
horror. Inside, everything was enveloped by black energy, as if it was not
house and slaughterhouse. The startled woman began to walk through the rooms,
trying to find the source of this filth, and soon her search was crowned
by success.

The psychic froze and pointed to fancy stones,
scattered on the table in the bedroom of his daughter Vincenzo. Man reading
dumb question on her face, said that shortly before what happened to
the girl of tragedy she traveled in South America, from where and
brought these pebbles of outlandish form and amazing colors.
Caught in one of the villages of Bolivia, she saw them
scattered along a country road and picked up to bring on
Motherland as a souvenir.

Medium explained that all the evil in the family of a businessman comes exactly
from these stones. It turns out that Latin American warlock
use externally attractive pieces of minerals and rocks
for magical rituals. Due to the fact that such stones
considered to be excellent conductors of energy, the sorcerers “dump” there
all your negatives, the illnesses of your patients and much more
not good. At the same time, local residents, as a rule, are well aware of
such “artifacts” and bypass them by the tenth party.

Some damn stones possess so strong
negative energy that can cause derailments
trains and planes, being in them a negative impact. BUT
if you bring such souvenirs to your home, you can soon go to bed
the grave. This would probably have happened to the Grassi family if
his head did not have time to ask for help from a sensitive. Woman
took the damn stones away, cleaned the mansion from their evil energy, and
Soon the life of the Italians began to improve. Daughter Vincenzo began
gradually walk, the son returned home, his wife lost weight, becoming again
slim and attractive, and the business of our hero again went to

Nor did Sylvia Christensen Norwegian have to pick up on vacation
a rock

Another similar story happened a few years ago with
A 20-year-old at the time, a resident of Norway, Silvia Christensen.
Having spent holidays in the Marquesas, she found near
the hotel is an amazing orange naked with a silver pattern.
Naturally, the student took this souvenir with her. However in
the very first day she returned home, supernatural
properties pebble made themselves felt. Our heroine was robbed on
the street.

Stepfather Norwegians, having learned about the loss of a decent amount of stepdaughter,
severely beat her and went to jail for it. Sylvia went to the hospital
with fractures of the ribs, nose and clavicle. When she was discharged from the hospital,
she called a taxi to go home. Unfortunately, the driver
delivered the passenger is not at all where it was required. Driven off
Christensen on a wasteland far from the city, the taxi driver raped
a girl and, threatening with reprisal if she turns to the police,
I went back home.

A month later, Sylvia found out she was pregnant, however it was
far from the worst. Doctors discovered she had syphilis, and
the forecasts were quite disappointing. After all these blows of fate
Christensen committed suicide, leaving the kitchen
the slab.

Someone will say that the pebbles picked up by the Norwegian may not have
relationship to her misfortunes, just so coincided. Not excluded though in
this life, as the wise say, does not happen, but there is
and many other cases when, after being abroad
beautiful pebbles travelers with a head plunged into the pool
failures, and even these disasters. We brought only two
an example. Draw conclusions, gentlemen …

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