Why is humanity disastrousgrows stupid

Around the beginning of the last century, scientists discovered that IQ
each new generation of people becomes higher than the previous – by 3
points on average per decade. This trend has been called the “effect
Flynn “in honor of Dr. James Flynn. They explained it differently in
mainly achievements of economics and medicine.

However, at the turn of the millennium, researchers, among whom
name, for example, the professor at the University of Vienna, Jacob Picchnig,
Robin Morris from King’s College London and so on,
have noticed that since the middle of the last century, IQ has changed since
exactly the opposite: mankind with each generation became stupid
about 7 points.

The reasons for such an unpleasant trend for us are scientists, again
find different. Some believe that it is wrong to blame
food, dead water, air pollution, and so on. Other
see it in the aging of humanity, although it is not clear in this
case, how on earth continues the growth of the population as a whole?
More convincing is the argument that smarter people in our
time is increasingly limited to one child, while … By
there is even a good joke about this idea
approximately like this:

A clever man and a clever woman – easy flirting, stupid
man and smart woman – happy marriage, stupid woman and smart
a man is a single mother, but a stupid woman and a stupid man –
the large family.

Scientists do not exclude the possibility that humanity in
generally reached its ceiling of mental abilities. This idea
especially supported by independent researchers who believe
that our – the fifth race of the Earth has already exhausted itself, and therefore not only
does not develop, and even degrades, while going to it on
the sixth race is still making its way. Separate her “sprouts” in
Indigo children show amazingly high IQ, not even
comparable with the level of intelligence of past generations, like many
other amazing abilities of a new person for example
clairvoyance, telepathy, memory of past lives and many others
just fantastic things.

So the decline of IQ in modern people as a whole can
consider, probably, as temporary and very encouraging
the trend is an indication that humankind is waiting for big
change …

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