Why many people wake up every night at 3o’clock

In some languages ​​there is such a thing as “witch hour” or
�”Devil’s hour.” This belief originates from the European
folklore saying that at certain times of the night
various supernatural beings like witches, demons and
ghosts become especially strong, and black magic – the most

Many believe that this time is the opposite of when he died.
Jesus Christ. That is, the Savior went to heaven at 3 pm
and at 3 am in the world now everybody is supposedly walking about

Be that as it may, 3 hours is exactly the time when many
the inhabitants of the earth wake up nightly. The man suddenly opens
in the middle of the night eyes, looking at the alarm clock, understands that getting up
he is still early and falls asleep again (at best). None
less, such a strange pattern begins to seem to him
curious or even frightening.

What do doctors say about it

Someone from the doctor suggests that all the fault poly-phase
sleep pattern in which sleep is broken strictly into several
periods, and at 3 o’clock in the morning there is a change of one phase to another.
The depth of sleep, they say, decreases, and a person wakes up (not everyone,
of course). Human biological clocks can be very accurate.
whereby the awakening will be clearly the same

Other doctors say that around 3 am dark
it becomes especially thick, which is why melatonin in human
the body regulates and switches the state of sleep, and the individual
can each time burst from the embrace of Morpheus.

Third healers will tell you that at 3 am at the person
the liver and gallbladder begin to work hard, producing
cleaning the body. They, they say, and tear off the host from the rest.

Maybe still a mystic?

Whatever the reason, people wake up at the witch hour from time to time.
centuries. Therefore, there are many legends that at this time
on Earth dominated by dark forces. They begin to appear in
midnight, and by 3 o’clock their activity reaches a climax.
of the moment. That’s when some imp runs into your bedroom,
quickly jumping on your chest, why a person wakes up.

The Devil’s Hour is a special time in occult and esotericism.
It is believed that a knowledgeable person can do a lot during this period:
seek help from the dark forces, talk to the dead,
impose on someone damage, tell fortunes, commit other magic
rites Sensitive people can not only suddenly wake up in
witch hour, but also experience true horror and watch
strange visions.

What you should not do in the devil hour

There are a number of bans on action in devil hour. For example, in
this time is strictly not recommended to leave the house and even more so
find yourself away from your home – you can simply not return

You should not swim at 3 o’clock in the morning either: in the shower, in the bath, or in
sea. It is believed that in this way a person will wash off his fate.
Even dirty dishes, if such a stray in your sink, better
leave until the morning.

According to ancient beliefs, a person born in the witch hour will be
unhappy and sick all his life. The woman who gave birth to him too
will start to fall ill and become unhappy.

Combing or cleaning at this time is also not
preferably – otherwise you can attract attention
unkind entities.

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