Why scientists are not able to do on a 3D printercopy from occult doll

What today just do not print on a 3D printer, from toys to
airplanes and homes are, indeed, an amazing invention of ours.
time! Probably for this reason, paranormal researchers
phenomena Connor Randal (Connor Randal) and Karl Pfieffer (Karl
Pfiffer) ventured even on a truly fantastic experiment:
print on a super modern printer a copy of one of the most
Mysterious Museum Exhibits – The Crone of the Catskills
(occult catskill doll).

Where did the occult doll come from?

Katskill Doll – a mystical wooden figurine found
in the caves of the Catskill Mountains (New York). It was clearly intended
for some occult masses, because on the neck of this figure was
a rope is tied, and nails are hammered into the eyes.

This is what the person who found this
amazing exhibit:

I was initially scared to even take her in my arms, however
human curiosity took up, and I thought that this
things can be sold for decent money. However, in the same
night in the house began to happen strange things: as if someone in
the darkness wandered through the dwelling, causing blood to chill in my veins, and the next morning
mysterious traces appeared on the floor of the room where the doll was located
wet feet, there was a sulphurous smell in the air, whether it was rot or
mustiness. In addition, the wooden figure itself has moved,
being in a good three meters from the place where she was

And in the afternoon, such a mysticism began that it was just awful, do not bring
Lord to see anyone and experience this. Nails in the eyes of the doll
suddenly began to move, as if wanting to escape from their captivity. AT
this time the wall in the room cracks, falls and breaks the crucifix
Christ, and in the corner some kind of swamp witch or something appeared
like that – with fear you can’t figure it out …

The frightened American remembered his friend, who
studied all kinds of paranormal, and hurriedly carried him
damn “stump”. However, he was in vain glad of this
a gift, because a creepy doll soon brought to a nervous breakdown
and his …

AT итоге мистическая фигурка заняла место в музее, однако и здесь
it did not last long, since the faces of the visitors who showed to
her interest, immediately covered with red spots, they began
terrible headaches, tears flowed from the eyes. And if someone
touched the Catskall Doll, with a man soon
certainly had a misfortune. AT результате всех этих наблюдений,
Museum staff made the appropriate conclusions and hid the damn
doll away from human eyes. So she’s in storage and
rested until Connor Randal and Karl Pfiffer got her out
boxes in order to make a copy on a 3D printer.

Is it possible to copy occult things?

It didn’t come to print, though: only the daredevils set about
scan mystical figurines as the printer went down.
And it came out so that it surprised scientists. ATот как описал это Карл

The printer didn’t just break, as it sometimes does, it caught fire,
and then completely melted down – it didn’t go away, as they say,
which gate could not be explained by anything except mysticism.
ATидимо скопировать и повторить что-то магическое, даже только форму
an occult thing using ordinary technique is simply impossible – on
it exists a taboo …

Since all this has happened just now, it is still unknown how
an attempt to copy the Catskill Doll is going around to the researchers
paranormal phenomena may Connor Randal and Karl Pfiffer still
regret having undertaken such a bold and, in general, completely
crazy try …

This is exactly what many Internet users think
acquainted with this information. Nothing is more stupid, writes one
of them, than to combine modern technology with the world of mysticism and
the occult. It’s all one thing to go to battle with dark forces.
with a modern machine, even if it’s perfect
firearms …

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