Why you should never shoot a sleeper yourselfvideo

This mystical story happened more than a decade ago with
relative of our compatriot Igor, who was then
an ordinary Russian sophomore.

Lena studied with him, which was not his second cousin
sister, not something more distant relative. Excellent, pride
parents, very honest and decent girl. She came from
of another city, because she was shooting alone a small cheap
apartment in a residential area.

Once on Sunday morning, Lena suddenly ran to Igor, sobbing and
being unable to calm down. Only after some time, having reposed
Relatives strong coffee with cognac, our hero was able to find out that
it happened to her.

Идея снять себя на video спящей оказалась не самой удачной

From the girl’s story, Igor realized that she had a secret hobby, o
which none of her relatives knew. She read out at night
scary stories from the Internet, watched all sorts of frightening
photos and videos. Shortly before the incident, the student read
on the web that anyone can theoretically see
сверхъестественную жуть, если запечатлеет спящего себя на video.
Lena, as you might guess, immediately decided to perform such

She put a camera in front of her bed at night, turned on
record, put out the light and went to bed. The next morning girl
перекинула video на ноутбук и стала просматривать отснятое в
anticipation of an interesting spectacle.

At first, on the received frames, it was clear how Lena
tossing and turning in his sleep, but then the unexpected happened. Female student
приподняла на video голову и уставилась прямо в объектив камеры. Her
eyes were wide open, eyebrows raised, and pupils seemed to
dark bedrooms are huge and black. Also on her face
a slight smile seemed to produce a very sinister

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