Wild animals are dangerous, especially for bad ones.people

This story was told by one Khabarovsk naturalist, who asserts
that not all hunters understand the laws of nature, in particular
laws of the forest, and therefore the confrontation between man and wild
animals does not stop. But it should not be so.

Is it good, for example, that huntsmen who are called to guard the beast from
poachers, for money open to the powerful of this world winter
hibernating bears than doom animals to death ?! This is an official
crime and generally unworthy of human action, but for a similar
information rich hunters pay up to 50,000 rubles. Not every
resist such a temptation …

… Once, three Far Eastern entrepreneurs decided to bribe
huntsman, get yourself a bear. An unscrupulous official led them to
lair and retreated. Under the loud dog barking hunters began
to carve a den

After about half an hour, a bear appeared from it. He was piled on
snow two shots. One of the “hunters” refused to shoot,
believing that instead of hunting there is a murder, which he declared
to his comrades. In response, they only laughed.

Then the two miners butchered the carcass, and the dogs spun near
dens, for some reason whining piteously. Hot bears
did not pay attention to them. The third man did not participate in
butchering, but also did not understand why dogs behave so strangely.
He was not a professional hunter, however, like his

And suddenly another large bear came out of the den. At the sight of him
unfortunate hunters stopped helplessly because their guns were far away.
After a short pause, the bear pounced on one person, then on
other …

Dogs who tried to cling to him, a huge beast
scattered like slivers. Having persecuted two hunters, he
approached the third … but did not touch him, but only stood in front
man reared, then with a terrible roar rushed into the thicket.

As you already understood, the bear spared exactly the hunter who
refused to participate in the murder. After this man never
no longer picked up a gun. Yes, and how to deprive a creature,
in whose eyes, like a plea, an unspoken thought beats: “We
you have the same blood: you – and I! ”

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