Wild animals in the US behave strangely

A week ago, we wrote about strange raccoons, which began to notice
in the US state of Ohio. Local journalists even called them
�”Zombie raccoons”. Animals come close to human dwellings, get up
on hind legs, stare and saliva. After that they fall
on the ground and freeze, and then rise again. Despite the fact that
raccoons are nocturnal animals, they commit their incomprehensible and
frightening action in the daytime.

Now it turns out that the raccoons are only a small fraction of that mystery,
which surrounds the change in the habits of wild animals of the USA.
An anomalous arizona explorer known by
the pseudonym MrMBB333, reports that he collected dozens of evidence
strange behavior of our smaller brothers.

Hawks, owls, jays, eagles, hares, otters, badgers, foxes and many
other forest dwellers stop fearing people for some unknown reason
and move closer to their homes.

According to MrMBB333, animals and birds clearly feel now what
man does not feel. Speech, they say, can go about changing magnetic
the poles of the Earth, about the imminent eruption of Yellowstone Supervolcano, about
the expansion of the San Andreas transform fault between
North American and Pacific plates, or something else (about what
we do not even guess, vaguely anticipating the approach of the end
Sveta). In any case, the researcher believes that he and his
compatriots should be very vigilant: coming
big changes. Perhaps America faces tough times …

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