Will Europe have a harsh winter?

Meteorologists promise an abnormally cold winter for Europe. The other day
A scientific report was issued (see the video below), which
considers 11-year solar cycles affecting the weather on
Earth, which confirms the most pessimistic concerns

In addition, the last time the River Rhine in Germany froze in the winter
from 1963 to 1964, and before this terrible winter in 1963 Russia,
Romania and Finland observed snowfall in the middle of summer. In the current
2017, the Russians, like the Romanians and Finns, again faced
summer snowfall that makes analysts assume that
the coming winter will be as severe as in 1963.

To some extent, this is already confirmed quickly.
increasing sea ice areas in the arctic
three for after the end of the summer melting season scored 10 thousand
square kilometers is also a record result.

The cycles are repeated, according to meteorologists, you can only wait
worse, that is, even more severe winter than it was at the beginning
sixties of the last century. Western Europe is already beginning
worry about the uninterrupted supply of Russian gas.
Count on warm winters when Ukraine, as a transporter
blue fuel, could afford to “bully” on this
plot will now be prohibitively …

By the way, we note that scientists recently concept
�“Global warming” is increasingly being replaced by wording –
�”Global climate change on Earth.” And this is probably true. what
Well, let’s see, what kind of winter does this winter really prepare for us?
�“Globalism” …

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