Wind power plants can cause damage.the environment is much more than combustible hydrocarbons

This conclusion was made by scientists at Harvard University, and
they did not take into account previous concerns of independent
researchers about the many windmills that destroy birds and
spoiling the look of the planet.

All this stuff, writes in the publication Joule, one of the co-authors of this
research from Harvard Lee Miller, compared to what
wind generators disrupt the natural blowing of the Earth (high windmills,
built in huge quantities on the seashores, for example,
slow down and even redirect humid air flows, disrupting
thereby establishing perhaps the speed of transfer for thousands of years
sea ​​moisture along the parallels and meridians of the “wind rose”),
contributing to global warming on the planet with which
supposedly supporters of renewable energy. In fact
it turns out the opposite, moreover, it is still unknown which
natural consequences, and therefore cataclysms, can lead
similar human intervention in the natural course of things.

The findings of Harvard scientists were immediately criticized by
many scientists of the world. But what is interesting, to this discussion immediately
Conspiracy therapists who remembered that the powers that be
this, having planted humanity on an oil and gas needle, is still
showed no concern about the development of “green
energy, “whether wind or solar” euphoria “, but
instantly destroyed (put under the cloth) any inventions, dangerous
for their power, for example, the invention of Nikola Tesla. Is it really
wind generation has already reached a level that has become threatened
oil and gas tycoons? ..

On the other hand, we already wrote that a researcher from Yakutia
Anatoly Chomchoev believes that windmills and solar panels are all
pampering, entertainment for the rich or most likely distraction
public from the real problem in the energy sector. He offered his
alternative energy option – get it using a portable
atomic generator. And inventors like Chomchoev, who
find cheap and almost eternal sources of energy, and not
harmful to the environment, a lot. But … like Kulibins at best
they are ridiculed, in the worst case they are taken away (or simply forced
shut up).

Therefore, it is quite possible, supporters of the global conspiracy,
that criticism from orthodox scholars harvard
researchers is only an attempt to prevent mankind from discovering
the truth to modern “green energy”, which, at its best
case, ineffective (almost useless), at worst, as proved
employees of Harvard University – bears tremendous harm
our planet …

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