With the help of the Large Hadron Collider for the first timecolor x-ray was taken

The Large Hadron Collider causes many suspicions and
complaints, especially among conspiracy specialists, since the majority
the inhabitants of the earth is not clear his purpose and even more practical
benefit, especially given the fact that in this project are invested
huge taxpayer money in many countries, including
Russia. However, recently scientists have proved that the collider can
perform very specific and understandable to everyone, very useful
for a society task.

For example, New Zealand researchers, based on
technology that was developed for the hadron collider in
CERN, managed to create the world’s first three-dimensional color
X-ray. That’s what they say about it
Physics developers of the startup MARS Bioimaging:

New technology of color three-dimensional x-ray
scanning allows you to get crisp, colorful, and therefore more
accurate images, thanks to which doctors can now put
accurate diagnoses for your patients, and this is a real breakthrough in

The technology itself is called Medipix work
camcorder, only it detects and then counts
subatomic particles, as they collide with the pixels of the lens,
thanks to which ideal color images are born
of what our flesh and blood are hiding. On such pictures of the bone,
muscles, cartilage and even (in case of illness) cancerous tumors are visible
so clearly that doctors now do not have to deal with
guesses and assumptions, do several times
pictures and more often rely on your experience and intuition than on
visual imprint of a diseased organ of a human or animal.

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