With the testing of climatic weapons the United States wenttoo far: HAARP is already worrying Americans

Known popularizer of US science, theoretical physicist Michio Kaku
believes that in weather anomalies and adverse climatic
Earth changes are to blame for the installation of the global system HAARP,
by the way, not only in Alaska, as many believe, but
in other parts of our planet.

Moreover, according to the American scientist Japanese
origin, to control the weather are also used
chemical trails are special substances sprayed by airplanes.
All this ultimately creates hurricanes, typhoons and even
provokes earthquakes.

In this, Michio Kaku fully agrees with another American
physicist – Justin Price. In his opinion, with the testing of climate
US weapons have gone too far, so if all is not stopped
it is now, humanity is in danger of great trouble, since such
�”Games” with nature can lead to a split and shift of lithospheric
plates, as well as a complete climate change on the planet.

We will simply destroy civilization, says the scientist, and return to
stone Age. Rather, Mother Nature will bother to endure our
irresponsible fun and she just takes us back to where
we are with our primitive consciousness and must be …

Congressional Hearings on Geoengineering

The other day even the United States Congress (subcommittees on
Energy and Environment) held a hearing in the Chamber
US representatives on the subject of geoengineering, which is
this was considered a conspiracy theories conspiracy theory. Controversial up
this issue of managing weather and climate in general, which
simplified by media journalists as chem-trails, for the first time
came out of the shadow of official secrecy and inaccessibility to the wide
the public.

Heads of related areas took part in these hearings.
Sciences, one way or another dealing with the climate of our planet. For example,
there were the chairs of the Lamar Smith Committee (R-Texas), a subcommittee
Environment Andy Biggs (R-Ariz), Energy Subcommittee
Randy Weber (R-Texas), who met with presented
reports by PhDs such as: Climatologist Phil
Rasch, climate director from the Niskanen Center Joseph Majkut,
Cornell University Associate Douglas MacMartin, Director
Washington University Atmosphere and Ocean Project
Kelly Wanser et al.

The greatest achievement of these hearings – they are no longer
discussed whether geoengineering is real or not, but were considered
specific problems of climate control on Earth. However, in the end
journalists did not understand whether the United States wanted to highlight this
question or he will remain discussed in private?

Opinion of conspiracy and ecclesiastics about the satanic

Conspiracy therapists believe that all of today’s climatic
Experiments – this is a focused policy of globalists on
destruction of the main part of the world’s population, since the fight against
the overpopulation of the planet is spelled out even in terms of the “new world
order “the Illuminati. And, I suppose, all this is done under
присмотром и контролем темного сатанинского egregore, которому эта
elite serves and which so need the blood of “sacrificial

However, as all spiritual teachings, their leaders, like
the criminal intentions of the parasites are easy to destroy. True for this
humanity needs to unite its efforts, constantly massively
creating light thought forms to purify the physical and occult
parasitic dirt. Think often of good advise
enlightened, imagine our planet in its pristine purity
and solar energy, give this world love and gratitude – and
then the pyramid of degenerates will fall apart by itself, and its creator and
the controller – the satanic egregore will simply go to “no” …

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