Wolfman hit the video in the stateNew York

Двое подростков, проживающих в американском штате New York,
claim to have met the Wolfman – the legendary
a cryptide that is both anthropomorphic and
dog-like creature hiding in the woods. From the werewolf given
the monster is different because it never takes on a human appearance
always remaining frightening, aggressive and driven exclusively
animal instincts creature.

Our heroes say that they have set up in nature quite
modest trap for catching small animals. That night they
went to the forest to check it out and found only a few inside
snails with a frog. Back in the dark, schoolchildren
lit their way only flash smartphone. Unexpectedly friends
heard nearby the crunch of a branch and directed the camera of the gadget to
sound source. Behind the trunk of a nearby tree immediately disappeared
eerie erect walking creature with a huge fanged maw and long

As you might guess, the young Americans immediately rushed away.
Fortunately, the creature they encountered is good
imprinted on the video. By including the video below, you
be able to see the supposed Wolfman with your own eyes.
Cryptozoologists who familiarized themselves with this material report that
teens are incredibly lucky. If it really was
a mythical ferocious beast, it could hypothetically deal with
children without any effort. Most likely, the cryptoid simply was not

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