Woman claims to “catch” a facepoltergeist on the blackboard

Some English-speaking lady (pictured above), leading very
a modest “mystical” YouTube channel, claims that she succeeded
�”Catch” in the camera lens face of a poltergeist living in its

According to our heroine, her apartment is located on the spot.
former hospice – medical facility for the terminally ill, –
and therefore here devilry constantly happens.
Intrigued by all this, the woman even acquired a blackboard and
supposedly managed to capture on her background a vague
a pale figure, remotely resembling a human face. This if
believe the landlady, and there is a ghost living in her house.

But is it really something that goes beyond the ordinary,
or is a woman mistaken, or even engaged in a hoax?
Of course, not all web users believe that before
We are a real paranormal. Numerous skeptics claim
that it is chalky stains, gleams of light or something like that.

However, there are also such commentators who fully believe
our heroine and recommend that she quickly move out of the damned
apartments. With devotion, they say, you should not flirt, and even
if now poltergeist behaves peacefully, everything can be sharp
change at any time.

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