Woman found a huge ghost in the pictureabandoned airfield

43-year-old amateur historian Fiona Powell from the English city
Bristol recently reviewed satellite images of the former village
Charlton in the county of South Gloucestershire, disappeared in 1946,
when in its place decided to build an airfield for the pilot
Bristol Brabazon airliner. Studying abandoned photos
bird’s eye view
The researcher suddenly noticed something mysterious,
difficult to explain from the point of view of common sense.

Not far from the long-empty runway
imprinted translucent human silhouette. Confuse this
the ephemeral figure of a man with something else, according to the surprised
Powell, absolutely impossible. Of course, our heroine immediately
concluded that she stumbled by chance on the image of the
this phantom ghost. More interesting is that the height
the purported person from the thin world is, by a modest
calculations, at least ten meters!

When Fiona told Facebook users about this,
she did not even suspect that her mysterious discovery would cause
unprecedented resonance among those interested in paranormal
The regulars of the World Wide Web. British publication even mentioned
on his page American celebrity Kim Kardashian, after
what mystical news turned into a real sensation. AT
This moment about find Powell plan even remove documentary

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