Woman photographed her daughter for three yearsbefore her birth

Ten years ago, Laura Cisse from Scarborough, England
photographed her 5-year-old at that time adopted daughter Aisha.
The woman did not notice anything unusual in the picture, pasted it in
the album soon soon forgot about it.

She did not even suspect that something was imprinted on this photo.

After 3 years, the British born daughter Sophie, who recently
turned 7. A couple of days ago, Laura decided to view the family
photos and stumbled upon the above frame with the image of Aisha.
Looking closely at him, our heroine suddenly made
truly amazing discovery.

It turned out that the doorway in the background at the time of shooting
there was another girl who simply could not be there. Kisse
instantly realized who this child was … It is about her
Sophie’s daughter, who was not even born then (compare Sophie on
pictures, is not it, a striking similarity!) But how is
possibly? What does this mysterious photo with “greetings from
of the future?

38-year-old Laura posted a mystical photo on the World Wide Web, and
Network users began to wonder what caused this

Some commentators believe that it was a chronomyrage, that is,
image from another time, in this case from the future. According to
opinion of others, we are facing a twin of the unborn Sophie. Third
talk about a gap in the space-time continuum. According to
theory of the fourth, there was a failure in the so-called “Matrix” –
an illusory world where we all live.

Finally, skeptics believe it was just some kind of girlfriend.
Аиши, которую Лора Kisse выдает теперь за сверхъестественного гостя
in my house. What do you think it is? ..

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