Woman photographed the mythical three timesThe beast of cumbria

Cumbria’s beast is a mythical creature
occurring, according to eyewitnesses, in the county of the same name on
north west of england.

We are talking about the so-called “phantom cat”, that is, about large
an animal from the cat family, for some reason turned out to be
away from its natural habitat. Numerous
witnesses say it’s probably a black panther, however
one can only guess where it came from in the UK and
how it survives here.

A resident of the countryside near the town of Whitehaven
recently managed to capture the legendary cryptide in the photo.
Charlotte Dawson, 31, reports that in recent weeks someone has
I began attacking livestock here, devouring sheep and goats. The farmers
Immediately began to whisper about the Beast of Cumbria, but until today
nobody managed to get evidence of being here
�”Phantom cat”.

Charlotte and her mother Bev were returning home from a walk and
unexpectedly noticed a large black animal among the grass in the distance,
similar to panther. Charlotte pulled out a smartphone and thrice
photographed the beast, after which the women rushed to leave
from there.

Some experts suggest that the British “phantom
cats ”is a lynx. It is believed that the lynx completely extinct in
Albion in 450-600 AD, however, it is possible
that a small population of these animals still lives and breeds
Outdoors. In this case, the famous Beast of Cumbria may well
be a trotting melanist. Unfortunately, this is just a theory,
and one of many others. And what is the Beast
Cumbria in fact, nobody knows for sure …

See also a rare record of the mythical cat of England – the Beast.
Cumbria Unfortunately, the video quality is very low, as, however,
almost every video of this kind: mysterious creatures
love to shoot …

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