�”Woman reptiloid” noticed on the record onefrom the “What? Where? When?”

One of the regulars “YouTube” viewed recently release
most popular domestic program “What? Where? When?”,
dating back to June 25, 2011, and discovered something, he believes,
strange. According to this user, among the audience in the hall
turned out to be the alleged “woman reptiloid”, which drew
attention to the program operator.

Turning on the video below, you can see this
mysterious lady at around 4 minutes. Camera zoom face
female spectators, then after a few seconds on the screen again
one of the experts appears. It would seem nothing unusual
happened. Why does the author of the “finds” believe that this woman could
to be a member of an alien reptiloid race
under the person?

According to the message of the observant Russian, in certain
The moment can be seen as the pupils of this woman acquire an ominous
vertical view, like a lizard. In addition, the mysterious lady
somehow looking too intently and intensely into the lens, as if
the annoying operator has interested her much more than she – his.

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