�”Woman reptiloid” with strange eyesnoticed the American news

Foreign conspiracy therapists and researchers supernatural
phenomena, leading popular YouTube-channel “The Hidden Underbelly”,
shared with their subscribers another interesting, just
intriguing material. One of the viewers sent to experts
Fragment of a recent broadcast of the American news program Fox News
Live. “

This man’s attention was attracted by a certain woman who
Leading interviewed. To be precise, our hero
interested in the strange eyes of this woman. The fact is that the pupils
ladies were little like human and more like pupils
lizards, which is why the viewer suggested that it was not at all
person. The American decided that on his TV screen appeared
the real reptiloid in the shape of a lady, that is, disguised as
human alien.

No wonder many ufologists constantly say that
aliens (one species from more than thirty other alien races,
who are present on Earth, with the most aggressive
turned against earthlings view) has long been among us. They say
infused into human society and with the help of each other and their
superpowers achieve a high position in society, together
controlling the life of earthlings in their selfish interests (reptiloids
we need our energy in the form of suffering, hatred, envy, humiliation and
etc). It is believed that sometimes reptiloids accidentally lose their
camouflage, so that they can be recognized. Especially often their
give out exactly the eyes. There are many videos (including
presented below), confirming this theory.

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