Woman who attracts gold

Muscovite Nadezhda N. N. literally attracts gold.
Of course, not at all like some uniques attract
metal spoons and forks that stick to their body as if
magnet, and do not fall to the floor. This woman is completely different since childhood.
gift – gold jewelry is attracted to her life, and therefore she
Early childhood constantly finds valuable jewelry.

Her first gift of fate was a golden ring with a ruby,
which four-year-old girl Nadia found in the sandbox. A little later to her
caught on the road a big gypsy earring, also golden and very
valuable. And it went …

At six years old, the girl rested with her parents on the southern sea. how
every child, she collected shells and multi-colored pebbles. BUT
when she brought all this wealth to show mom and dad, then among those
lovely sea gifts turned out to be … a gold earring, and Nadyaška
I did not even notice how she got into her sea “catch” …

At twelve, the girl found a purse on the street. It was not
not a single coin or bill, but there were two gold wedding
little ringlet. At fifteen, the girl brought home a gold chain,
found in the park, and a year later she found a gold brooch in a grove
with large stones of rock crystal.

Even more surprising was the case when at the end of school
parents gave Nadia shoes on fashionable heels-stilettos. Home she
returned and on one of the heels-heels pulled home golden
a wedding ring that is firmly stuck on the shoe.

Gold “sticks” to it until now, and how it laughs itself
woman, she never gets any great treasures – so, according to
little things, but with surprising constancy and fantastic
�”Luck”. About the most characteristic case of Nadezhda Lvovna
tells herself:

how-то я приболела, да так сильно, что попала даже в
the hospital. And here comes the hospital ward, which lay with
I have twelve women, visit me husband. Brings fruit,
sweets, cookies and a large bag of peanuts, which, according to him,
He bought directly from the car on the street. I asked him to treat with nuts
all my friends in misfortune. A husband walks around the ward and every woman.
sleeps out of the paper bag by a handful of peanuts. When the turn comes to
me, then in my palms, along with the nuts, it suddenly turns golden
ring “turban”. It was already crushed and scratched, but with a breakdown –
pure gold. Apparently he was dropped by a woman collecting peanuts. And you
just imagine what path this gold rim went in to
get into my hands, even bypassing all eleven women in the ward.
Amazing! ..

And these fantastic cases in the life of this woman was
a lot, moreover – they continue to this day.
Another detail in this fairy tale is noteworthy: the girlish
surname of Nadezhda Lvovna – Zolotov. Here, really, and not
you want, and believe in miracles! ..

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