Wonder of Nature The Grand Canyon of the USA was justcareer development

Grand Canyon or Grand Canyon, which is located in Arizona, USA, before
still considered the greatest miracle of nature, although independent of
academic patterns of approach to the study of our world scientists are given
уже нарекли его career development, то есть искусственным

According to official submissions, Grand Canyon, length
which is more than 400 kilometers, the deepest valley in the world
Colorado, which supposedly began to blur this unique gorge
(natural soil erosion due to water flow) 65
million years ago.

However, this official version has a lot of controversy,
which practically disprove it:

  • the rocks at the top of the slope should be 65 million
    years when the erosion of the canyon began, and the lower rocks – on
    many millions of years younger. However, this is not confirmed by scientific
    analysis, according to which this career was formed for some
    50-100 years old, which is simply impossible for natural erosion of the mountain
  • in the cuts, pay attention, rather smooth, Grand Canyon
    quite a few soft rocks that water would wash in the first place, but
    for some reason this did not happen;
  • the radii of the rocks in the canyon are approximately
    the same value, and the evenness of the cuts proves that here it’s just
    worked machinery that we use today for the extraction of those or
    other fossils by the open method by cutting layers with
    butt end.

That is, all the facts prove that the Grand Canyon is artificial
origin, it’s just a huge career development, and with
the use of optimal (high-tech) tools for
performing the task. It is clear that they mined here –
uranium that is used in nuclear power and to create
atomic weapons. Uranium is still mined here today (there are hundreds
mines around the Grand Canyon), although thanks to the efforts of environmentalists introduced
some restrictions on the development of uranium deposits in this
area. And this is despite the fact that it is here focused
the main uranium reserves of the United States (prefer to buy it, say, from that
the same Russia than to extract themselves).

This fact was confirmed by radiocarbon analysis of the canyon, which
showed that the development here were about 50 thousand years
back, and dug out this “miracle of nature” on the strength of over 100 years, or even

Moreover, researchers have determined that uranium is not only
was mined, then immediately on the spot and enriched, processed in
The final products are most likely in weapons of mass destruction. it
indirectly confirms, for example, the mysterious crater of Berringer,
located nearby. Why mysterious? The fact is that his
as well as the Grand Canyon, official science explained the most
in a simple way, it’s supposedly a funnel (250 meters deep and
with a diameter of 1200 meters) from the fall of the metorite weighing 300 thousand
tons (or slightly more). However, fragments of this meteorite are not found.
so far, although they simply could not be. It turns out that this
the funnel was made not by a meteorite, but by a nuclear explosion with a force of 150 megatons –
and it happened (according to the official version, “the fall of a meteorite”) as
times 50 thousand years ago.

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