Wonders of the world that few people know

Probably, there is no such person who did not hear about such miracles.
of light, like the Egyptian pyramids with the Sphinx beside them, the Great
The Wall of China is finally more or less known to the people of the Colosseum,
The Taj Mahal … However, in the world of such majestic, partly
mysterious buildings much more, but sometimes they do not even know
avid travelers.

It is about such amazing sights of the world, quite
remarkable and at the same time little-known, told his readers
Quora magazine, and he selected these rare wonders of our planet on
based on a survey of the most sophisticated connoisseurs of world tourism.

Mali: Jenna Cathedral Mosque

In the Malian city of Jenna, you can endlessly admire and
marvel at the clay-alluvial building that is the most
large and amazing building of this type. Not by chance
The Jennite Mosque is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
However, for tourists this unique building has long been closed.
Such a strange decision at first glance the government of Mali made
in 1996 after the walls of this religious building of the ball
arranged too candid photoshoot for the magazine Vogue.

India: Chand Baori Well

The most ancient and also the deepest stepped indian
Well is the construction of Chand Baori. It is unusual
architectural complex is located in the small village of Abhaneri.
Giant structure in the form of an inverted pyramid, which is 3500
steps with perfect symmetry of all their designs goes to
thirty meters deep, greets tourists at the bottom with a small lake
with dull green water. It is still unknown when built this
mysterious complex. Some scientists attribute his appearance to the IX — XI
centuries AD, while others claim that the well was
built around VII century BC.

Romania: Palace of Parliament

Bucharest boasts a magnificent Palace building
Parliament, which was built in the days when Romania was
socialist state. It is the largest in the world.
civilian administrative building. Its height is 86
meters, and the remaining dimensions – 270 by 240 meters. Addition building
have no less ambitious underground part, which goes deep
at 92 meters. Bucharest Parliament Palace – 12-storey building with 1100
by the rooms. And its halls are so magnificent that the title of the palace
This structure deserves without reservation.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Old Bridge

Unfortunately, the Old Pedestrian Bridge itself across the Neretva River,
which the inhabitants of the city of Mostar were proud of for centuries, destroyed in
1993 by Croatian militants. Therefore, today a copy of it is called
somewhat bizarrely – the new Old Bridge, sort of like in Russia –
old New Year. And this unique bridge, which is an object
UNESCO World Heritage site is primarily famous for the fact that
here for several centuries traditionally arranged jumps in
the water of the Neretva from the highest point of this arc-shaped structure,
that is, from its middle. The height of the jump varies from 24 to
30 meters – depending on the water level in the river.

India: Fort Kumbalgarh

It turns out that India has its own great wall. And although she
significantly inferior to the length of the Chinese (only 36
kilometers), but continuously stretches along the perimeter of Fort Kumbalgarh,
for centuries, protecting him from the enemy. In separate
ground, the width of this wall reaches eight meters, and all this
It was done, as they say, conscientiously and forever (built more
a hundred years).

In the entire history of the reflection of the invaders, the Great Wall of India has never
did not let enemies into the fort and was not destroyed. Call her yet
�“Death guards” and “eyes of Mevara”. Despite the fact that the Chinese
the great wall is far superior to the Indian in length,
death “confidently in this regard ranks second in the world, but her
fortifications throughout are uniform and impregnable. By the way
let’s say that the great wall of china is basically a
an earthen rampart, and, unlike the “eyes of Mevara”, the enemies overcame
and destroyed quite often and easily …

Iran: Sheikh Lutfullah Mosque

In Persia, the Mosque of Sheikh Lutfulla is considered an outstanding monument
antiquities related to the unique architecture of the era of the Sefenides.
It was built in the years 1602-1619, and is considered not just magnificent
for its beauty, but also unusual for a number of reasons. First, she is without
there is no single minaret, she doesn’t have a courtyard, but by the entrance
the stairs are led to the portal, which is also not typical for the classic
buildings of cult Islamic architecture.

But the casket, as they say, opens simply: this mosque is not
intended for the mass use of it, it was built as
a place for religious purposes for women of the harem of the shah. AT
This is the whole uniqueness of this structure. Although look,
how beautiful and beautiful it is in the Oriental …

Pakistan: Derawar Fortress

Unusual square shape with many tower bastions
– This is the fortress of Derawar, built in Pakistan in 1733 ATсего
there are 40 such bastions in it, which as if independently grew out of
Sand harsh Pakistani desert. The perimeter of the fortress is
one and a half kilometers, and the height of the walls reaches in some parts
Deravar thirty meters. This fort is quite secret
object for tourists, even in Pakistan itself, not every resident
knows about the existence of this fortress.

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