Yellowstone: in the volcano caldera occursSomething strange

Since the attention of the world community in the last week
was riveted to Syria where really unfolded
dramatic events, the theme of supervolcano Yellowstone imperceptibly
faded into the background, even for Americans living next to this
�“A barrel of gunpowder. However, something is happening there now.

As conspiracy therapists say, again in the caldera of the volcano is caught
artificial seismic signal which
observed here, for example, on March 8 and April 8. And the signal in
this time is almost identical to that observed 8

The strangeness is this, write independent
researchers that April 11, for example, happened during the day
over a hundred seismic shocks (according to official USGS reports) and
all – at one point (!).

This is a narrow land bridge between Yellowstone Lake of the same name.
Park and a small pond – Delusion (see photo). Is created
the impression that incomprehensible equipment is working here is clearly
artificial origin. If you look at this in more detail
a piece of land using Google maps, then we will see a deserted place with
the folds of the terrain are most likely difficult to pass. Who and what
whether it is drilling, testing, it is not clear …

But what is alarming, write a conspiracy, all these
artificial signals began to increase precisely from the moment
began talking about “himatake” in Syria. Therefore it is possible
suggest that as soon as the US government strengthens
military activity in Syria, in the caldera of the supervolcano Yellowstone
the work of an artificial machine is activated, which is like
shakes this “barrel of gunpowder”, preparing for the United States an unpleasant

Here you can remember the threat of Zhirinovsky, which
unambiguously hinted that it is enough for Russia to “spit” one
rocket in Yellowstone – and America will not. Here you can
suggest and activity of aliens (higher forces of the universe),
who thus want to reason Americans. In general,
supervolcano for the United States is currently much more
serious danger than Syria and the entire Middle East combined.
It is not clear why the interests of the current leadership of the country
directed completely the wrong way? ..

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