Yellowstone set a new record for the number ofearthquakes

Since June 15, when in the area of ​​Supervolcano, Yellowstone was first
a record impetus in almost 5.0 has been set
балла по шкале Рихтера, рой легких и средних earthquakes здесь
still going on.

At first, the official seismograph in good faith fixed them and
submitted the data to the general public of america, however
somewhere on the number 1000 suddenly “broke.” After that, the US authorities and
scientists of all stripes began to reassure the gullible
Americans, that nothing terrible happens, it happened and worse,
for example, in 1985, there were 3,000 earthquakes in
Yellowstone area – and nothing.

Of course, it’s very simple for the average person to hang noodles on their ears,
However, Yellowstone is not somewhere over the seas-oceans, but because
Americans can witness this fire-breathing monster and
then weave rumors across the country – terrible rumors. Probably they
In the end, the official media were also scared, which is why seismographs …
earned again, moreover, even gave out data for the lost July
and august.

According to today’s index, from June 15 in the region
супервулкана произошло почти 2400 earthquakes, и это всего за 85
days – an absolute record with which 1985 could not

Another thing is surprising: as stated by conspiracy therapists, the US authorities
too carelessly about Yellowstone’s ability to bang in
any moment they don’t even sound the alarm to the whole world and don’t ask
assistance, although in the event of a volcanic explosion the entire planet could suffer,
And this is understandable to many today. It turns out that someone knows about it.
volcano is much more than ordinary citizens and ordinary scientists, and
because not particularly worried, even with today’s seismic
activity in the Yellowstone area.

Maybe this problem is controlled by aliens? BUT
the world elite is simply aware of this, and therefore not particularly
worried. Most likely, even in the case of the Yellowstone explosion –
BUTпокалипсиса на планете не будет, а миллионы простых американцев
сегодня не интересуют никого, даже правительству СШBUT, судя по
everything doesn’t give a damn about them …

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