Yeti – a hybrid of man and alien

гибрид человека и инопланетянина

Recently, scientists have published the results of DNA analysis of yeti.
The results brought scientists to shock! Biological samples for
blood, a piece of flesh and unusual hair
person The analysis itself was conducted in government, academic and
US private laboratories. The results of the DNA analysis shocked even
skeptics. The Yeti are no people, but rather a hybrid species. Their
DNA is similar to human, but has differences that allow
to say that they arose as a result of some kind of interbreeding. Rather
in all, a person was involved in the birth of the first yeti and another
a creature still unknown to science, and hybridization occurred around 15
000 years ago. Moreover, an unknown science being disappeared from the face
Earth somewhere at the same time. Scientists believe there is a big
The likelihood that the Yeti is a hybrid of man and

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