You are waiting for the next predictions for 2018 – theirI’ve got!

Psychics and astrologers of all stripes, starting from the end of the past
year, strenuously predict us the events of 2018. Today we
We present to you the foretellers Pavsekakiya Bogdanov and Victoria
Subotu, who told St. Petersburg’s Channel Five, what
waiting for the world in the beginning of the year.

Note that the main questions of St. Petersburg journalists
TV channels were, of course, those that dealt with the possible Third
World War, Trump’s reign (where it will lead the world and the USA),
the fate of Russia, the political and economic prospects of the upcoming

As the astrologer and the soothsayer Bogdanov noted, the Third World
the war has been going on for a long time – since 2008. However, 2018 will be
the culmination of this carnage, which after that will decline,
however, about five years we can still talk about its continuation. I.e
true world peace can only be expected by about 2023

As for Trump’s reign, this is the third American leader,
starting with Bush and continuing with Obama, who will take part in the collapse
USA. Under him, this collapse will end, and the United States will stop
its existence. And Trump is a political long-liver, therefore
he will go on a second term of government. And yet, like
predicted by many famous clairvoyants, say, Edgar Cayce,
это 44-й последний президент USA.

The current generation will live to the period when the United
There will be no states, and the dollar will turn into unnecessary paper.
After the collapse of the United States, the struggle for world leadership will be
Russia and China.

According to Victoria Subota, 2018 economically for
Russia will be much better than the previous two, but on the political
The arena of the world, where the Russian Federation plays one of the main violins, will be far from

As the expert in the field of magic, the most hot spot
the world will remain North Korea, and its leader is threatened with demise in this
year The upcoming year, says Victoria, will be characterized
powerful solar flares and eclipses that are negative
impact not only on people’s health, but also on political and
economic events in the world. Especially they threaten the United States and countries
The EU. These days, any negative energy will return to its
to the addressee in the hundred-fold size, but modern politicians are few about this
take care – and in vain.

Both predictors, diverging in some detail, for example, in
the issue of safety and longevity of the North Korean leader Kim
Chen Un, they are unanimous in their opinion that Russia as a whole is not in danger – not
economically, politically, or even militarily. For
for her, the coming year will be much more favorable for all the previous ones,
the country will rise above the pre-crisis standard of living, Russians already with
March, when the ruble strengthened significantly, they will feel positive
changes in the economy of his power.

For more details on Victoria Subota’s performance on Channel Five
Pavsekakiya Bogdanov see the video below.

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