Yuri Gagarin made contact with aliens,what was reported to the leadership of the USSR�

The Internet leaked information that the first cosmonaut
Earth Yuri Gagarin came into contact with aliens and even
reported on this to the leadership of the Soviet Union. But what followed
behind this is doubly interesting.

By the way, ufologists have repeatedly raised this issue – the first
the astronaut of the planet simply could not make contact with
aliens. Aliens, for all their caution in dealing with
earthlings, should have certainly come to the man who
first went into space. This is exactly what happened, and immediately
as soon as Gagarin got into Earth orbit. And disciplined
an astronaut, a communist simply could not conceal such, even if he
aliens are ordered to remain silent.

It is believed that the report of Yuri Gagarin on the presence in space
aliens, was the cause of whether the death, or abduction of the first
cosmonaut aliens. Moreover, they influenced the change
leadership of the United States and the USSR (Kennedy wanted to declassify information about
aliens, and Khrushchev too zealously took up space exploration).

Of course, all this information is very contradictory, like all that
for aliens and space exploration. For example, even
Americans ’lunar missions are seriously questioned by many
just ridicule. And there are serious reasons for this, but no one
doesn’t really know why Americans behave as if they were not
flew nowhere. The position of the USSR, the leadership is not clear in this case either.
which never refuted flights to the moon american
astronauts. Yes, and the current leadership of Russia modestly silent
about it. Why?

Apparently not everything is so simple, after all, the Soviet Union reached the moon,
albeit without a man, however, like the American astronauts,
Apparently, there was some meeting with the aliens, after which both
lunar missions were stopped and strictly classified, apparently,
indefinitely. Hence, apparently, the Hollywood video filming of the lunar missions
The US, who so much like to laugh at ufologists. It must be assumed that
these photos and videos or not, or they simply can not

This is what the Ph.D.
a tireless researcher of everything that goes beyond the ordinary,
Vladimir Shemshuk:

The Americans were on the moon, but there they are head on
faced with representatives of a more advanced civilization, and
because the United States quickly turned off this program and still keep quiet
about it, specifically pursuing such an interesting policy so that you can
It was to believe, and you can laugh at all their moon missions (more
see the video below for details).

The fact that there are aliens on the moon, said Marina
Popovich, who was not only a first-class test pilot,
who knew many astronauts personally, including Yuri
Gagarin, but also a staunch ufologist. Her personal research
confirmed an interesting theory: the moon in a fantastic way
protected from solar radiation, although there is no atmosphere there,
as on Earth protecting all life. Luna, she wrote, rather
all created artificially, at least by this celestial body
ruled by a more advanced civilization …

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