Zetas Foreigners – Runaway from Anger

Aliens zetas
– aliens from a star called Zeta. They created their
Zeta Talk Internet site to communicate with people, answering everything
questions of earthlings. Flew away from their shattered planet and
settled on Earth. Aliens zetas занимаются созданием новой
races from zetas and common people. Created hybrid creatures already
appeared for the first time in 1950. They live under deep waters.
oceans and seas. The Zetas have their own habitat base in the deserted Gobi.
Nemesis, the planet of the Zetas, is moving to Earth to siphon
natural resources. Since ancient times, people seemed to be
elves. Some Americans are convinced that these aliens from
the Sirius planetary system. Having escaped from the oppression of Tiontsev, now these
creatures live in adjacent dimensions on the moon, earth and even
Mars. They have bases under the surface of the planets.
habitat and in the constellation of Orion, and the three planets turned into their
the colony.

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