Zoo Hypothesis Explains Why Aliensdon’t contact us

If you are not among the skeptics, then you surely
I wonder why the aliens have not yet come into contact with

After all, according to simple mathematical logic, in an immense
The universe can exist billions of intelligent civilizations,
which are incomparably ahead of us in development and which will not make
great labor to fly to Earth. In 1973, the American
astronomer John Ball put forward the so-called “zoo hypothesis”,
theoretically explaining why “green men” all this time
refused to interact with us and why we should not expect
this in the near future.

What is the hypothesis of the zoo

The hypothesis proposed by Ball says that intelligent aliens with
the very beginning were aware of the origin of life on Earth, however
preferred and still prefer not to intervene
human, watching us, like animals in a cage. Astronomer
assumed that contact would occur when the human race
reach a very high level of development and is fully aware
how important this contact is. Otherwise, if
people will not evolve spiritually and mentally, the “zoo” and
will remain a “zoo”. On the other hand, this hypothesis gives
the hope that the aliens will not enslave or destroy us –
follow, without interfering, for the ups and downs of homo sapiens
�”Green men” is much more interesting. Although save
humanity, they naturally do not intend to. You do not rush
help ants when you see an anthill destroyed in the forest or
black war with red.

Why is the zoo hypothesis again interested scientists

The theory, pushed almost 45 years ago, is not a joke again.
interested scientists in early 2018. Specialists from
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, sent many years
signals to space and trying to get messages from other planets
made a curious statement. Professors claim that with
every month, they increasingly believe in the truth of the zoo hypothesis. By
According to researchers, from a scientific point of view, these days it’s already stupid
believing that we are alone in the universe, the Milky Way, or even the Solar
the system. Every day, in many ends of the earth, unidentified
flying objects that clearly could not have been created by man.

All this makes experts think that aliens
Strongly watching us with the help of their unmanned “flying
dishes, but they have no interaction with people.
desires, and it is unknown whether it ever appears at all.

What do ufologists think about the zoo hypothesis

World ufologists have a slightly different point of view on this
the issue. They agree with Ball that representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations are unlikely to want to conquer the human race (
did) or help her because our planet has a negligible
value in the universe. However, many alternative
researchers and conspiracy therapists are convinced that aliens are still
made secret contact with people, and these people became the world
government. Aliens put our gray cardinals in
fame that they intend to continuously monitor humanity, and
obstacles in this matter they will not tolerate. Byэтому, дескать, смешно
to hear that the US military shot down an alien in Roswell,
and in Russia there is a government department investigating appearances
UFO in the airspace of our homeland. In fact
the mighty of this world will not dare to disturb guests from other planets: they
unquestioning servants.

The famous English writer and futurologist Arthur Clark said,
that humanity is either alone in the universe or not, and both of these
probabilities are equally scary. But not scary and annoying
realize that a higher mind does exist and has the ability
at any moment show yourself to humanity, but this will not
because people are too primitive and do not deserve
like that. We just do not understand how powerful a force is.
is in front of us and how important is contact with her. Byэтому наш
�”Blue ball” continues to serve as an open-air cage with animals for
far more developed and perfect beings than we are.

Ufologists have one more theory: contact with aliens already
took place in the past, but then they easily “introduced themselves” to earthlings
gods that can not already do today. Byэтому мы должны дорасти
before full contact, while the “divine” we already
outgrown. It is about such a full-fledged meeting with aliens
spoke at one time the prophetess Vanga, looking
future. It is a pity that she did not name (or could not for some higher
reasons to call), when will this happen …

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