A strange cloud appears in the sky over Japan

A strange cloud appears in the sky over Japan


An unexpected surprise for the residents of the Japanese town of Fujisawa, located south of Tokyo, was the appearance of an unusual spherical cloud. According to observers, this cloud in no way resembled the famous lenticular clouds, which, as a rule, form over the tops of mountains.

The photographer who took the picture reported that by the time he started taking pictures, the cloud had already begun to lose its shape, after which it quickly disappeared into the sky as if it had never existed:

‘Looking out of my car window I saw this round globular cloud. When I realized how unusual this was, I immediately rushed to take pictures of it, ‘said Twitter user @pmxpvrtmx (Poppy), who got into local news outlet Rocket News 24.’ When I saw this cloud, it was even more regular spherical in shape, so I I’m very sorry I didn’t start shooting right away. ‘

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