Dangerous asteroids fly to Earth

There are three of them – from among those space objects that
will fly near the Earth this month, but two of them –
the most dangerous for us.

Both asteroids belong to the “Apollo” class, since their
orbits intersect the earth from the outside – so described
these potentially dangerous space wanderers the staff of UrFU
(Ural Federal University). Then they added:

These are relatively large space objects, each of
they have a diameter of about 1600-1700 meters. The first of these two
�”Apollo” – 2001 QL142 (310560) should pass by the Earth 14
September at a distance of 8.7 million kilometers, its speed
span will be more than 77 thousand kilometers an hour. And the second “Apollo”
– 1990 UQ (5189) is expected on September 26. Its speed is over 50 thousand
kilometers per hour, and the distance to our planet is just over 9
million kilometers.

It seems not very dangerous asteroids, at least from the point
view of the inhabitant – the distance to the Earth is huge!
However, by cosmic standards – it is not so much, especially, it is worth
such a space object for some reason to deviate slightly, and
he may well head straight for our planet.

Finally, the third astroid 1989VB will be held on September 29 near the Earth.
just 3 million kilometers away, true compared to the Apollo
it is quite small – only 680 meters in diameter.

By the way, asteroids, which we are periodically warned about
astronomers are not as harmless as we think, rather the opposite.
Watch this documentary. And we just remind you that
the US space agency nasa believes that earth today
threatened by something more dangerous than even the most terrible cosmic
the object is supervolcano Yellowstone, to prevent the explosion of which
US scientists are trying by all means, but so far unsuccessfully …

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