NASA keeps trying to discover life on Mars

NASA keeps trying to discover life on Mars


The planet Mars is still controversial in terms of the possibility of the existence of alien life on it. The NASA space agency intends to confirm this, or to deny it. A detailed study of the samples collected by the rovers can help specialists in this.

For a long time, the rovers collected powder rocks, which were studied by laboratory instruments inside the rovers. Sample analysis by Curiosity has shown that the Red Planet possesses a specific set of chemicals necessary for the development of life. However, no direct evidence that life exists on Mars or when life existed has yet been discovered.

‘The clues that talk about suitable environmental conditions for life have been found in the layers of rocks. During the first year on Mars, our rover was able to detect conditions conducive to the existence of microbial life. Samples found in the once existing freshwater Martian lakes included all the basic chemical elements necessary for life as we know it. In addition, a chemical source of energy was discovered that is necessary for the existence of many of the earth’s microbes. ‘

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