NASA: life is possible in the clouds of Venus

NASA: life is possible in the clouds of Venus

In one of the latest studies, carried out by scientists from the American space agency NASA, reports on the observation in the atmosphere of Venus of dark bands absorbing ultraviolet radiation, located in the thickness of acid clouds. Subsequent observations did not rule out the version that these stripes may be home to microbial life forms.

Despite the fact that this is just a hypothesis, NASA is going to test it. In the 2020s, the agency is planning a joint mission with Russia, within which the Venera-D probe will be launched, and the main goal will be to check for the presence of alien life forms in the atmosphere of Venus.

An incredible gravitational wave is recorded on Venus

'This [alien life] is an opportunity that we cannot overlook. I cannot say that there is microbial life in the clouds of Venus. But this does not mean that it does not exist, so the only way to find out is to fly there and study the atmosphere, 'said Sanjay Limae, a scientist at the University of Wisconsin and head of NASA's research group (VEXAG).

Venus has always been considered not the best haven for the existence of alien life due to the extremely high surface temperature (almost 462 degrees Celsius and lack of water). However, recent observations do not rule out this possibility. The theory of the presence of microorganisms on Venus suggests the presence of alien life forms in the clouds.

For example, Tyler Glockner, an alien lifeform researcher and founder of Secure Team 10, recently shared a video of his observations of Venus with the Daily Star, showing a 'giant curved stripe moving through the atmosphere that envelops the planet.'

He noted that such a massive form had never been observed by scientists. 'Maybe it's some kind of huge structure hidden in the clouds. Or a cluster, 'said Glockner.

Despite the fact that scientists believe that this is an 'atmospheric gravitational wave' and there is nothing there but ripples passing through clouds of water and ice at the time of the rise and fall of warm jets of air, Glockner refuses to believe it. In his opinion, such waves can be observed only for several days, and the strip on Venus is permanent.

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