The Pentagon is thinking about war in space

The Pentagon is thinking about war in space

Pentagon officials unexpectedly came up with very contradictory statements – they are confident that with the growing tension between space powers such as Russia, China and the United States, there is a threat of destruction of satellite systems.

Earlier this month, leading space experts and analysts reported that the international community must update treaties on cooperation in outer space to prevent collisions and destroy satellites, an action that could harm all of humanity.

“Since relations remain tense between space powers such as China, Russia and the United States, the level of cooperation in space can be very difficult and it will take a lot of effort to correct the situation,” Rear Admiral Brian Brown, deputy commander of the Joint Space Force, told the summit. earlier this month. “Every effort must be made to prevent the war from spreading into outer space.”

In his opinion, the revision of international laws that regulate the use of outer space by various countries can help in this. Most of these laws and treaties date back to the Cold War and do not reflect the current needs of the civilian population and the military.

Of particular concern to the Pentagon is China’s military space program, which has grown incredibly rapidly in recent years following an order from Chinese President Xi Jinping to transform the country into an “aerospace power.”

Brown is confident that in order to prevent conflict in space, it is necessary to place in orbit regulating orbital devices, such as satellites.

Currently, about 4,200 satellites are already based in Earth’s orbit. Every year, as the number of launches increases, the likelihood of an accidental collision, let alone an intentional one, can cause a domino effect and turn into space debris a number of completely different operating satellites and devices in orbit. This can lead to political consequences undesirable for all mankind.

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