10 interesting facts about the planet Saturn

Saturn is not only famous for being the most distant
from us a planet that can be seen with the naked eye, but also
their delicious rings. If you forget about Mars for a moment,
then it will become clear that Saturn is overgrown for other celestial bodies
us all sorts of conspiracy theories, mystical legends and
incredible scientific hypotheses.

Even in ancient times, this planet occupied an important position with
superstitions, and today, when probes fly to Saturn,
madness of scientific and not very scientific theories just more and more
is increasing. We will introduce you to the 10 most interesting of them.

Colossal hexagon on Saturn

When in the 80s the American Voyager flew near Saturn
he remarked in the polar regions of this planet
hexagon. To say that NASA was hit by its find is not
say nothing. The structure seemed to scientists absolutely
artificial, adjusted to perfect shape. When 20 years later to
Saturn approached “Cassini” and received even better
pictures of the anomaly, people of science are even more puzzled. No one so far
cannot say where the hexagon came from. Ufologists
suggest that this is evidence of present or past
the presence of intelligent beings on Saturn.

Artificial radio waves come from Saturn

The aforementioned automatic interplanetary station “Cassini”
also unexpectedly recorded strange radio waves coming from
the atmosphere of Saturn. They were indistinguishable to the human ear,
however, the equipment clearly caught and recorded them. NASA Specialists
transformed the mysterious sound into an audible range and stated that,
despite its mysteriousness, the waves certainly have a natural
origin. And inот Йост Ван Дайк — британский эксперт по
digital sound – easily caught patterns in pulses,
stating that these signals could not be born on their own. Is it really
aliens? ..

Saturn is a former star

Many former nations considered Saturn a luminary and revered it,
like a sun. For example, the ancient Babylonian manuscripts state that
Saturn is the so-called “ghost of the sun.” Maya Indians
argued that the sun that we see today in the sky,
is the second, and the first was exactly Saturn, which is almost extinct.
Writer David Talbott published the book The Ancient God of Light, in which
noted the obvious connection between the Sun and Saturn, which was seen
once many nations. Is it possible that the second in size
the celestial body of our planetary system was once a star, and
is it just a sleeping gas giant now?

Immanuel Velikovsky’s theory about the warmth of Saturn

When Belarusian alternative researcher Immanuel
Velikovsky published in 1950 the book Worlds in Collision, he immediately
subjected to aggressive attacks of official scientists. However passed
years, and the words of the Belarusian turned out to be true. So, Velikovsky
claimed that Saturn is able to produce heat by being
independent of the sun. This is an absurd, at first glance, statement
received further confirmation. Saturn really generates
own heat. This, according to some experts, can
indirectly confirm the hypothesis that once in antiquity this
the planet was a star.

The Flood was caused by Saturn

Velikovsky believed that the Flood was not only real, but
and happened through the fault of the planet being described. According to the researcher,
Saturn and Jupiter were once part of a dual system.
stars Coming up at a certain moment to each other extremely
close, they caused a stellar explosion that set up the celestial bodies
in our planetary system to the present places, and also launched a chain
events that resulted in a record flood on Earth. In this way,
the most powerful perturbations and tidal effects in the atmosphere of our planet
provoked the unprecedented natural disaster described in the Bible and
many other ancient manuscripts.

Saturn is Nibiru

They say that somewhere in space is rapidly moving
mysterious Nibiru, or Planet X, capable of destroying all life
on the ground. Someday she, she says, will approach us on
a critically small distance, and then humanity will end. Still
the Sumerians had a legend about a huge ball that would come down from heaven
and lead to numerous disasters and deaths. Noteworthy
that, according to the legends of the ancient people, this ball has wings. Can that
are we talking about Saturn with his rings? By the way, even clouds of oxides,
entering the atmosphere of a gas giant, can give it
striking winged look.

Saturn is a giant powerhouse

Flying over Saturn, Voyager-2 caught a steady crash,
caused by nothing more than powerful bursts of electricity.
Further studies by NASA made it possible to determine that the rings
Saturn produces enormous amounts of energy. These charges are 10
thousands of times stronger than earthly lightning, for example, each of them gives out
power is at least several times greater than the largest
Earth power station. Accurate explanation such a phenomenon scientists to
so far not found. Some alternative researchers are pushing
the hypothesis that Saturn actually represents a colossal
space power plant created by alien

Saturn serves aliens to broadcast and create
�”The Matrix”

And how do you like the theory that Saturn plays the role
broadcasting system of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization?
English writer and researcher David Ike claims that
large-scale broadcasting system not only sends to our planet
signals, but also creates the so-called “Matrix” – the illusory
the reality in which humanity lives. The Briton writes that the moon
serves as a searchlight for the newcomers, amplifying signals from Saturn. Ike
also repeatedly said that the powers that be are wonderful
aware of this and therefore never allow wide
the public to learn the truth about the planets around us, about the great
the mystery of the solar system and the cosmos in general. Why? Very simple:
a lot of people, zombie religion on the one hand and pseudoscience with
other, easier to manage …

Many human symbols associated with Saturn

Все тот же Дэвид Ike заявляет, что с Сатурном у землян связано
suspiciously large number of characters. Many logos,
owned by famous brands and companies one way or another
depict this planet with rings. For example, “Toyota”, “Nike”,
�”Boeing”, “Internet Explorer”, “Axis Media Group” and so on. Even
the exchange of wedding rings, originating from gray antiquity,
is a kind of worship of Saturn, according to some
to the experts. And as in the occultists and adherents of magic – as white,
and black – the number of characters associated with this mysterious
a planet, and altogether impossible to count.

What does Saturn have to do with the black cube plot

Even имя Сатана, возможно, является однокоренным с Сатурном. And in
ancient times many believed in the deity El, who was associated with
Saturn and designated a special sign in the form of a black cube. Such
Symbols can still be found on the walls of banks, gold vaults,
political administrations and religious buildings. Conspiracy therapists
are convinced that world elites still worship the planet Saturn as
something powerful, incomprehensible and potentially dangerous. And someone
will even tell you that the rich, politicians and clergymen worship
Satan himself, whose name is associated with this fantastic and,
undoubtedly mystical planet.

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