A huge asteroid flies to Earth

The size of this cosmic body, potentially dangerous to our
planets, just shocking – asteroid codenamed 2018FB
It has an area with a large stadium (for comparison, Chelyabinsk
the meteorite was only about 20 meters across). Such a giant
colliding with the earth can lead to the present

He will fly near our planet on March 30, scientists argue that,
despite its huge size and the real danger given
the space “fragment” will not cause our “blue ball” any
troubles Earthlings themselves can observe the asteroid flight only in

However, even such a distant “neighborhood”, experts say,
may adversely affect the well-being of earthlings, therefore, in
the last days of March it is better not to overload yourself with work and not to build
on these days of grandiose plans.

By the way, we note that one of the doomsday scenarios for the Earth
seems just in collision with a similar asteroid. True, by
predicted by astronomers, this can happen only after a hundred or more
years old. By that time, it must be assumed, earthlings will learn to deal with
this danger.

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